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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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w he is wondering what happened to these people. >> reporter: earlier today, 11:00 a.m. ng, morning, the protesters gathered that b.a.r.t. station and marched through the streets of oakland. young and old, black, white, asian and latino. they wound through the streets of oakland and the crowd was a thousand, maybe 2,000 people strong and they ended up here at the oakland coliseum b.a.r.t. station. you can see a wite van at the -- white van at the curb. inside the vans are oakland police officers. they have not been out of the vans. the police presence has been very quiet. again, the good news is, the b.a.r.t. station is up and running again. >> ken, many of the marchers, had they marched in previous protests or did many come out
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new today in honor of martin luther king, jr. day. >> reporter: it was a mixture of both. a lot of people looked familiar and wearing the attire and carrying the signs we have seen but i was surprised to see so many young people, toddlers, strollers. it was a mixed group today. >> ken wayne, thank you. >> now to san francisco where a lot of people marched from the cal train station to the gardens and ktvu's cristina rendon is there now. >> reporter: yeah. so many people turned out today for the celebrations honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. people said it was important for them to be here and their children as well. >> reporter: in honor of the historic march hundreds of people walked today in san
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francisco for a journey. >> we have marched marched and we have shown the world we can march in peace. >> reporter: a celebration of dr. martin luther king, jr.'s birthday. . >> things have changed. they got better but we have a lot of the sim issue -- same issue. same issues dr. martin luther king had. >> he is one of many parents educating his kids. >> reporter: what do you know about him? >> he helped black people vote. he gave us speech about how he wanted change and things to be equal. >> reporter: those are things she hopes to teach her daughter. >> i hope that from exposing her to these events and going to school and from the books at home that she will have that exposure and understanding of what happened. >> she believes it is time to
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pass the torch. >> we need learn how to embrace the young folks and bring them in. yes, they need guidance. >> it is up to us parents to let them know about this. >> his son and kids like him already understand the importance of his legacy. >> teaches me to stick up for other people and do what is right. >> reporter: officials estimate there was between a thousand to 3,000 people here celebrating today's events. all of it remained peaceful. >> cristina rendon in san francisco, thank you. we are also following a developing situation on the san mateo bridge, a group of demonstrators ask attempting to shut down traffic and the california highway patrol shut down the western lanes. you can still go east. these are live pictures from news chopper 2. earlier today we were told 100 stanford
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university stounds were going to participate -- students were going to participate. more sea birds covered in a substance have been rescued from the shoreline in the east bay. ktvu's noelle walker is live with the reason rescuers are calling today a tipping point. >> they say today is critical in helping the birds survive. we were with wildlife volunteers here at the marina as they rescued six birds in under an hour. they are coming back here tonight because the clock is ticking and their work is far from finished. >> there is beauty in nature. people admire and sometimes destroy. volunteers are looking for distressed birds. >> at the edge of the water
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line. >> reporter: stocking them like prey. catching as many as they can. not to kill but to help keep them alive. >> losing weight because they are not feeding. trying to keep them warm. >> they started showing up friday in places they shouldn't be. >> there is a dozen hauled out on the rocks. >> several water birds are contaminated. >> friday was critical. saturday was more critical. >> reporter: today is a tipping point. >> there is more alive and today we are finding 50/50 dead and alive. tomorrow there will be more dead than alive. >> reporter: that is bearing out at a staging area. by 2:00 p.m. this afternoon volunteers found 40 live birds. and 30 dead ones. >> they came ashore because they were gold. >> the window of opportunity it
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get birds in time so they could be healed. >> reporter: this appears to be an emergency caused by human carelessness. >> may have to stay had night. too men -- stay the night. too many birds. >> reporter: from the capture of the birds to the rehabilitation and cleaning, till they could find had source of the condamnation the responsible party they are footing -- contamination and the possible party they are footing the bill. >> it is a popular area, whaticide people do if we -- what should people do if we come on one of the birds? >> reporter: we ran into a couple people who saw dead birds or live birds that weren't acting normal, that is what they want you to do, they don't want you to capture a
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bird, because they are trained in how to capture the birds, so they want you to call the organization, wildlife emergency services or the international bird rescue and have them come out and do it or if you see them, flag them down and tell them where the birds are. >> thank you. calfire is investigating a small fire that happened at the governor's mansion state historic park in downtown sacramento. they provide us these pictures. they say a park ranger discovered the fire after it was out yesterday afternoon next to the cairn house. a -- carriage house. a small cart with propane tanks was also found. but there was no major damage. san francisco police are looking for two burglar whose rammed a uhaul truck into a store to steal the clothes
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inside about 3:30 a.m. this morning on north point street. police say they used a tuque break in and -- truck to break in and steal. >> tried to catch up to it but they were speeding away. the units were unable to cap up to the -- catch up to the van. >> say the hope surveillance video will provide more clues. horrifying discovery by people who went out to to finish a decomposing body in contra costa county in a marsh before 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning. investigators aren't sure how long it was in the water. they would like anyone who knows anything to contact them. president obama will address the nation tomorrow in the state of the union address but now she facing a republican controlled congress. what proposals we could expect to hear tomorrow night. >> reporter: more than $300
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billion over 10 years. that is how much revenue president obama says can be generated by closing the income gap by taxing the rich more to provide tax cuts to the middle class. >> put aside the political games and find area wheres we agree so we can deliver for the american people. >> reporter: president obama wants to lower taxes for working parents and increasing child care credits. and they will close the trust fund loophole, allowing wealthy americans to skip some taxes but the republican congress calls the plan a non-starter. >> republicans and democrats both care but we hold different views about the ability of the people to make a bright future. >> reporter: while they stand little chance of passing the president said it would be paid for by raising the tax rates to
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28%, up from 24% and looking to charge large banks new feeze. all this moving forward the debate on how it government taxes and spends. >> helping the middle class is the right thing to do. >> reporter: other ideas, free tuition for community college, and a proposal to make mortgages more affordable for new homeowners. the white house announcing 22 guests including former cuba president and scott kelly will be among president obama's against at the state of the union. >> you can watch the state of the union address live right here on ktvu channel 2 news. our live coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. in iran hundreds of people protests against the "charlie hebdo" while protesting france
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and the u.s. as well. they burned an american flag as well as french flags outside the french embassy. they demanded the fridge embassy be closed and the ambassador expelled. they are angry "charlie hebdo" depicted the profit mohammed which they view as an insult. following developing news, protesters shut down part of the san mateo bridge. plus a string of suspicious fires over night. the damage and who the homeowners think is behind it fires and the patriots are under investigation tonight. why the nfl is looking at the footballs used. >> three rhinos on the run. you don't see that every day. how they were able to break free. >> tracking a lot of fog out there. not there yet but it will show up late tonight. could be problems for the
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. we are following a developing situation on the san mateo bridge. and one lane of westbound traffic into san mateo just opened. those are the lanes on the right hand side. all of those lanes were shut down this afternoon and this evening because of a protest. you can still go east into hayward. these are live pictures. they were a moment ago from news chopper 2. this is a live picture there. the back up is growing by the minute heading west -- by the minute heading west. we are not sure who the protesters are. we are working to get more information. as soon as we do we will update
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you. bill belichick is promising his team will cooperate with the nfl investigation over deflated footballs. the league is looking into whether the team used deflated balls yesterday during the afc championship game. the patriots beat the colts 45- save to advance to the super bowl. if the team is found guilty those responsible could face fines but it is unclear why the investigation was launched. at least 8 players in the super bowl have tied to the bay area. on the seahawks running back marshawn lynch grew up in oakland and went to cal. receiver doug baldwin went to stanford. richard sherman went to stanford. he was injured yesterday but will be ready for the super bowl and talkert turbine playt -- robert turbine played in high school. tom brady went to high school in
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in san mutahoe. flemming played at stanford and he played for the cal bears. . bay area weather. it was nice today but if you like warm weather, wait till the end of the week. >> things are warming up. if you let air out of the football it is easier to catch. we do that. take a little air out -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> no, it will warm up around here. temperatures will incroesus back into the 60s, mid-60s -- increase back into the 60s, mid- 60s and low 60s for us. fog the story -- fog is the story. this area, fog, fresno, that fog fills in tonight. it will end up in the bay area. valley fog something that won't go away till we get a nice
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weather system. nights and mornings count on something like that. temperatures right now, 60 concord. 61 redwood city. tomorrow night at this time warmer and then thursday and friday, into the weekend, temperatures could, especially on the weekend, work their way into the upper 60s, low 70s. there is the fog. maybe drizzle. we had drippy mornings. valley fog for tuesday morning. as well as wednesday morning. with the fog. see how it forms. 6:00 a.m., this over head, right, you pick up on that, higher clouds, the fog hugs, the higher clouds, moving across the -- that is why you get this cloud formation. but under the clouds, high clouds, fog out of napa, we will see fog in the santa rosa area, and towards walnut creek.
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fog back in the forecast. tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m. sacramento. the model gets rid of a lot of it. didn't happen like that today. it will linger longer but we will watch it. fog in the mornings. clear. dense fog back in the forecast. rain stays north. we stay dry. right through this week. as we talked about last week. highs low and mid-60s tomorrow. you will notice it is warmer. livermore, antioch, these areas, livermore, they will -- antioch, they will run cooler because they are close to the valley fog. there is the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. you know, nice looking forecast. just a little over 100% of
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rainfall average. >> not much longer. >> no. >> thank you. there is no rain in sight and today a report on the impact to our forest. scientists say our warming climate is having a drying effect and changing the makeup of forecasts. ktvu's john fowler reports on what it means for our future and the biggest of the big trees. for many our forests are fundamental to enjoying life. >> i love nature and being out in it. >> reporter: scientists report significant and rapid changes happening right now in the structure of california forests. >> the thing i think that was worrisome is how widespread this is. >> reporter: they examined detailed tree data collected in
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the 1920s and 1930s, today big trees are disappearing and shifting to more oaks and scrubs. >> these changes will have empaths on the way animal -- impacts on the way animals use the forecast and the way we use the forest. >> reporter: california warming. >> the warming temperatures make it a drier world. even though we are not certain about the rainfall the temperature will have this impact. >> reporter: on the left, the water deficit. drier soil, more evaporation and on the right the loss of big trees. >> there is nothing we can do to slow down climate change. >> reporter: sometime short considering the forests are hundreds of thousands of years old, the pace of the changes is astonishing. >> our grandkids will see a difference. >> reporter: the coastal red
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woods may be spared the worse of climate change effects. they get a good fraction of their water through their lives from fog and warmer temperatures may increase fog at the coast. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. protesters out in front of oakland's new mayor's home at 5:00 a.m. this morning. why they wanted to wake her up and right now a video game that could be used to make airports safer. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, the measles outbreak at disneyland is superintending to people who haven't even visited the park, the new cases and how far it has spread. plus -- >> enough is enough. >> they read about it, now a new generation gets a look at how martin luther king, jr. changed the course of america, a showing of the movie selma. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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san francisco is working to increase its ambulance response times. according to the san francisco examer the city plans to buy -- examiner the city plans to buy new fire trucks. inch october rank and file firefighters -- in october -- former cia director joined
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oracle's board of director. they announced his new role today and said it is effecting immediately. he served as secretary of defense from july 2011 through february 2013. before that he spent two years as the director of the ci "a." -- cia. . helping the tsa catch potential threats. how a video game might help make airports safer. >> reporter: this is not your typical psychology lab. the mobile game allows scientists to crowd source vast amounts of data on how players searching bags find some items while missing others. >> we get a million trials a day. >> reporter: while players look
5:25 pm
for a wide range of illegal items, researchers say the least comren the ones most -- common are the ones most often missed. . >> you are more likely to miss a gun if there is also a water bottle in the bag. >> reporter: although the tsa has no comment on the game, he says he hopes to incorporate airport scanner into future projects with the agency. >> right now it is providing data to look at research questions. it has the potential to be a great tool for assessing performance, training. and even for recruiting. >> reporter: he says crowd sources researched through video games has the potential to improve other life saving activities from search and rescue to cancer detection. american sniper earned $105 million over the holiday
5:26 pm
weekend. >> would you be surprised if i told you they credited you with 160 kills? >> the drama stars bradley cooper in a true life story. it opened two weeks ago which helped spark interest for last weekend's release. it was a record. amazon is getting into the movie production business. they have been producing tv shows but now they are branching out and making movies. they will be released in theaters but they will also be available to prime members after their big screen release. they hope to produce 12 new movies a year. production will begin later on this year. new information on the protests shutting down the san
5:27 pm
mateo bridge. why stanford students is taking responsibility for the shut down and a string of arsons in a neighborhood that has been hit before. >> i am worried. there is a nut out there. >> the homeowner's theory and how they plan to stop the attacks. >> waking up the new mayor. why these protesters are upset about mayor libby schaaf and what she did and the king tides are back. instead of watching the waves, researchers hope you will do something else to track the water levels. how you can help, coming up.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. string of early morning fires in a san francisco neighborhood has residents on edge that a serial arsonist may be on the loose. three fires were set today. and last hour four vehicles were -- or last month, four vehicles were set on fire in the same area. ktvu's david stevenson spoke to one of the victims. she and others have an idea of
5:31 pm
who may have done this? >> reporter: they do say that. there is no arrests and no new information from police this evening but the victim and neighbors say look at the transient population for clues. >> reporter: between 4:00 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. this morning as a neighbor told the family inside to get out now. someone set two trash cans on fire. >> i saw the glow of the flames from the trash cans. >> reporter: the owner lived in san francisco's castro neighborhood for 20 years and did not want to be shown on camera. >> everybody got out safe. >> reporter: they are shaken by the fire and another set across the street and around the same time. >> 10 minutes after they got the fire out, fire trucks were lined up here, over there. the trash can went up in
5:32 pm
flames. weird and scary. >> reporter: one of three fires set in the same neighborhood this morning. a block or two away a pick up truck was also destroyed. >> that truck is my baby. how i make my living. i had it for 15 years. and i am going to miss her. >> last month four arsons damaged or destroyed vehicles. residents are trying to understand why the area seems to be targeted and are eyeing what they say is a growing transient population. a homeless man was arrested in 2012 following a series of fires. >> they move on and come back in cycles. >> reporter: the neighborhood association tells us they will work with the castro care program to get a counselor placed in the neighborhood where there have been the
5:33 pm
fires. investigators are looking for surveillance video from neighbors near the arson fires and hope that that will bring clues to the case. >> it is a crime you can't protect yourself against, why it is so frightening. thank you. >> reporter: that's right. developing news on the san mateo bridge. police have detained 2 dozen protesters on the westbound side of the bridge. we just spoke to the chp, the protesters were dropped off on the bridge and did not walk on to the bridge. the protesters are still on the bridge and one lane is open. students, the protesters may be stanford students, the students wobbled to shut down the bridge for 28 -- wanted to shut down the bridge for 28 minutes because every 28 hours a black
5:34 pm
person is killed. westbound traffic have you felt protest was stopped at a time, but as you can see it caused a traffic jam, backed up to 880. eastbound traffic was not blocked. but all of the activity created slow moving conditions on the san mateo bridge. live pictures here, you can see that back up stretches for a long way as a result of the protest in the westbound direction of the san mateo bridge. 40 protesters gathered outside the home of mayor libby schaaf this morning. they called the protest wake up libby. they say they are asking which side the mayor is on, the protesters or the police department. they are unhappy the mayor spent her first day in office with the police department. protesters say that was message
5:35 pm
the mayor does not support ending police violence. >> we feel the way police are operating is not investing in the communities. the way the police are occupying our communities is violent. we want her to invest in schools, in economic development and things besides the police department. >> they gathered that mayor's home at 5:00 a.m. this morning. president obama along with his administration spent today honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. and his message. some reflected with words, others with action. >> reporter: a day of reflection for some, a day of action for others. people honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. on monday. in atlanta his home church his daughter encouraged people to make their voices murd
5:36 pm
encouraged more -- heard and encouraged more protests. . >> we praise god for a new generation of activists. >> reporter: members of the obama administration also calling for action on a number of issues. >> in 2015 hatred, violence and poverty still inhabit our nation. >> we look at the services that hhs supports. >> reporter: president obama is focusing on helping others to honor dr. martin luther king, jr.'s memory at the boys and girls club. earlier vice president joe biden spoke at a memorial breakfast, he urged the country to move forward together. >> let's not forget who we are. let's not forget what we have done, let's not forget, although there is much more to
5:37 pm
do. >> reporter: the largest event was today in philadelphia, 135,000 volunteers hoping out on 1800 different projects. fox news. aboard the last freedom train from san jose to san francisco. [ singing ] >> why this could be the last year the freedom train makes its trip honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. >> linsey von sets a -- vinsy von sets a new -- lindsay vonn sets a new record and three rhinos escaped and how they were apertured. introducing the new subway "simple 6 menu". six of our best six-inch subs- like the italian bmt and tender turkey breast! with a 21-ounce drink and a bag of chips for just $6 every day. it's value made simple.
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take a look at these pictures. three rhinos escaped in israel. they got out while the guard was sleeping. you can see them rushing out while a worker tries to cap up to -- catch up to them. they finally managed to bring them back. the sleeping guard is not going to be back, he was fired. police are hoping surveillance video will help them find woman suspect offend using a counterfeit $100 bill. the video was december 20 at the village shopping center. you can see the woman wearing
5:41 pm
hospital type scrubs with [bleep]y kitty -- with hello kitty print. more razer blades found at a san diego park next to a playground. police checked equipment and used metal detectors to search through sand and grass yesterday. they found six blades stuck in the grass with the edge facing up. a worker found a 7th one this morning. police believe someone is planting them there and that is making parents upset and angry. >> that is really evil. >> my daughter was asking if she could play over there. >> investigators hope to find dna evidence on the blades to help them find out who it is doing -- who is doing this. several children and adults have been injured.
5:42 pm
>> who does something like that? no rain in sight but there is a warning tonight about possible flooding. details on the bay area's king tides and the effort to document this unique phenomenon. >> a world record if lindsay vonn but people are talking about the people who was waiting for her, why tiger woods was there and missing a tooth. >> and fog reforms tonight and causing problems for tuesday.
5:43 pm
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a qur'aning as -- a warning as the bay area sees the highest tides, king tides and they prompted the national weather service to where it could cause flooding. ktvu's allie rasmus is live to explain why some people see this as a unique opportunity. >> the king tides reach their peek between 11:00 a.m. and 11 -- 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. you can see that water line, shows you where the sea level was a few hours ago. >> reporter: it was sunny and breezy on ocean beach this holiday but on a day like this there were more people studying the waves rather than surfing them. >> stronger than you could paddle. >> reporter: in foster city you
5:46 pm
could see the impact of the king tides. you can see currents where normally there are none. >> water there. usually just marshy. birds sitting on it. like flooded. >> reporter: he wants people to go beyond watching the tides. he wants people to document them. >> we are asking people to take pictures of coastal areas in their neck of the woods. >> reporter: they are with a group taking part in the california king tied project, it encourages people to take pictures, showing the flooding during king tides raise awareness of what their neighborhoods might look like when sea levels change. >> we have thousands off images -- of images from across the state. >> reporter: these are pictures from late december. they predict sea levels will
5:47 pm
rise a foot by 2050. >> you can look across the san francisco bay and see the effects of flooding and know that is just the beginning of the challenges we will experience as a result of sea level rise. >> reporter: king tides continue to tomorrow and wednesday. february 17-19 is another period. if you didn't get out and watch them or take photos you will have another shot. >> good to know. thank you. lot of people have the day off today for the dr. martin luther king, jr. holiday and for those who decided to go skiing they aren't finding a lot of snow. the record from blue canyon. >> brown everywhere. yeah. sad. >> reporter: he spent his dr. martin luther king, jr. holiday skiing but it wasn't worth the vacation day he took to do it. [ indiscernible ] >> i don't know. >> reporter: he purchased a season pass, they came hoping
5:48 pm
the snow could fill in the gaps. he says the snow at the top was good but as you ski down conditiondize tearierated. >> flush -- conditions deteriorated. >> slushy. >> as good as it can be. you could be golfing up here, just how bad mother nature has been. >> reporter: skiers were small which meant -- >> no lines today. sad. >> like having your own resort. great. lindsay vonn broke a record that stood for 35 years. 63 world cup wins. more than any other female skier. this is her racing to victory
5:49 pm
in italy. took her under 90 seconds to complete the course -- tiger woods surprised her at the fence to line however he -- finish line however he was missing a tooth. you can see his tooth missing. it was knocked out by a photographer who swung the camera around, caught him in the face. >> although it is interesting, the organizers are saying that is not what happened at all, that was dead tooth that was discolored. you can decide for yourself who you will believe. something happened. he is without a tooth. >> that we can confirm. all right. our chief meteorologist bill martin -- >> that was an interesting conversation. lindsay vonn, world cup -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> beautiful outside. sun sets have been nice.
5:50 pm
you saw those beautiful shots, how the live shots with noelle walker, the last live shot you saw -- i don't know, eon the bay, beautiful colors -- on the bay, beautiful colors. folks are enjoying more day light at the end of the day and that will continue towards spring. the clouds out there right now, the focus is everything north. the majority of the clouds are valley fogs lingering. fresno, modesto. that fog will reform tonight and the next few nights. be used to that. the highs tomorrow, warmer. and then temperatures start to warm further towards the bay area weekend. a dry start. now the latest models are more aggressive -- right here --
5:51 pm
crazy. right? dry. 27-30, looks like a series of storms. we have done this before. that is where we are. looking way out in the forecast, hoping for rain. maybe drizzle tomorrow morning. we have had reports of light drizzle. moist out there. with the fog, many folks driving to work, the fog will be something to think about. the fog showing up. orrville, south of orrville. fog down to bakersfield. that fog, it will show up in the valleys. burns off tomorrow. valley clears out tomorrow night, tomorrow afternoon, more sunshine and temperatures warmer. 60 brentwood. 63 san jose. 64 morgan hill. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. there it is. no rain to be found. temperatures, though, on thursday and friday and saturday could reach into the
5:52 pm
low 70s. maybe we will pop a record here or there on friday and saturday. warmer around here. rain down the road, that would be great if it happens. >> 70s -- >> very unusual. >> thank you. coming up, aboard the freedom train. >> being on the train means a lot. >> why this year's trip could be its last. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, more on the smash and grab robby, inevidence police are hoping that will -- the evidence police are hoping that will catch the thieves, plus students get a look at the civil rights movement that changed a nation and we go along for a special screen of the movie selma -- screening of the movie selma, these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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pope francis plans to visit two more cities in the united states. he is going to visit washington, d.c. and new york city in in addition to philadelphia and wished he could enter through the u.s.- mexico boarder. this morning the last of the country's freedom trains paying tribute to dr. martin luther king, jr. made what
5:56 pm
could be its final journey. 1600 people packed the ride now ending after 30 years in operation. ktvu's azenith smith tells us what it meant for those on board. >> reporter: an opportunity witness history. >> martin luther king did a lot for the people and our generations. >> my 50th year. feel goods to be a part of it. a part of the last freedom train. >> reporter: for this third grader she is grateful for the chance. >> freedom to sit here. i wouldn't be able to do it but now i can. >> reporter: they launched 2 dozen of these rides. she chose the route from san jose to san francisco because it is the same distance dr. martin luther king, jr.
5:57 pm
traveled. >> we as a people need come together. >> they did. they sang -- [ singing ] >> reporter: they clapped. [ singing ] >> reporter: and they remembered. >> a tremendous amount of pride of being alive at a time. >> reporter: on the 50th anniversary of the march, the dr. martin luther king, jr. association is ending the ride due to lack of interest and support. >> we shouldn't just rely on the train. dr. martin luther king, jr. had teachers that were beautiful. we should become aware and fight to live them every day. >> reporter: in san jose. [ singing ] >> reporter: azenith smith, ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6:00 p.m. protesters blocking bridges and
5:58 pm
shutting down b.a.r.t. stations, the call for justice in the name of dr. martin luther king, jr. >> a group of thieves, the way they got inside a high end store and ran off with expensive clothing. >> a string of suspicious fires, including a house fire and it is not the first time it happened, neighbors worry a serial arsonist is on the loose. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. protesters shut down b.a.r.t. stations today, took over city streets and blocked a bay area bridge all in the name of the non-violent protests of dr. martin luther king, jr. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. a federal holiday, a day to remember the leader who helped change a nation in the wake of protests over police shootings of unarmed black men demonstrators took to the streets again today. they said they are reclaiming the spirit of a peaceful protest that dr. martin luther king, jr. is known for.
5:59 pm
ktvu's ken wayne is live where things are getting back to normal after one of the largest protests of the day. >> the coliseum b.a.r.t. station reopened about 4:30 p.m. this afternoon after it was closed by a plotesters -- protests. while they didn't get inside officials were not taking any chances. that left thousands of warriors fan whose just left the game stranded outside the locked gates. after an hour the protesters started to clear and it was reopened. there has been controversy over tactics on this dr. martin luther king, jr. holiday. >> reporter: it appears a thousand demonstrators marched from the fruit vale b.a.r.t. station --
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